Lake Cei Visitors Center

Strada provinciale 20 di Cei
38060 Villa Lagarina (TN) | View on Map
Municipality: Villa Lagarina


A walk along the shores of Lake Cei, from which many hiking trails start. They pass through a unique environment, home to different species of birds, reptiles and amphibians surrounded by the typical vegetation of the lake environment that in Spring and Summer shines with the colours of water lilies and aquatic species. At the Visitors Center Lake Cei, you will discover the secrets of the lake, of its inhabitants and of its naturalistic uniqueness as well as take part in activities organised by the operators of the center. The area and its visitors center offer the opportunity to observe an evolving environment, which contains fragile and fascinating treasures of the plant and animal world.

Opening period: July - August
Opening Hours: 10.00-17.00

Entrance fee: free both at the center and for organized activities
Activities: click here to discover the activities organised for the current year

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