Technical-scientific Committee of the Network

The technical-scientific Committee of the Network of Nature Reserves is composed of: 

  • the President or a representative;
  • three officials of the Autonomous Province of Trento representing the Departments in charge of Nature, Forest and Agricolture Conservation;
  • 1 representative of the Muse museum or of the Mach Foundation;
  • 1 representative in charge of the agreement between valley Communities, the Adige BIM Consortium; 
  • 1 representative in charge of the agreement between participatory municipalities;
  • 1 representative of Azienda Forestale Trento-Sopramonte;
  • 1 representative of the provincial Agency for state forests;
  • 1 representative for every APT of the local area. 
The composition of the technical-scientific Committee lasts three years.
The technical-scientific Committee calls at every meeting the representatives of the actors that realise the actions of the Action Plan. 

The technical-scientific Committee carries out these functions and tasks: 
  • to supervise the elaboration of the management plan in line with the Council's guidelines; 
  • to determine the Public Assembly's contributions in the form of technical administrative and economic feasibility in order to present them to the Council;
  • to structure the action Program on the basis of the Council's guidelines;
  • to give non-binding opinions about the coordination of the planning concerning the Network of Nature Reserves' territory; 
  • to deepen and establish practical implementations of the actions in the action Program; 
  • to supervise the ongoing status of the implementation Plan and of the action Program concerning protected Areas.

The technical-scinetific Committee is called from the President when required and at least twice a year. It is presided by the President and the Coordinator takes part in it.

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