Fen Fen... making hay

It is an event occurring every year that offers different recreational activities to promote the territory and its traditions: the main activity is the "haymaking competition" according to old costumes. 

It comes directly from the local dialect "Fen Fen" that means "making hay!". How? With an event that brings back the old haymaking tradition, promoting the connection between men, mountain areas and meadows, a connection that has always had a fundamental role in rural life. In this way you can discover the biological vegetation resources of Monte Bondone through a cultural entertainment event that enriches the summer touristic offer. 

The event is planned, organised and coordinated by the Network of Bondone Nature Reserves, in collaboration with Apt Trento, Monte Bondone, Valle dei Laghi.

The main event is the "haymaking competition" that is a friendly fun challenge between mixed teams that compete on various tasks: cut a plot of 12x12 metres land, pick up and rake the grass, fill in two bed sheets (in dialect "linzoi") and tie them, build a pile of hay (in dialect "mea") with the remaining grass and bring the bed sheets on your shoulders to the base.  

All having at your disposal sickles and rakes of tradition. But these are not all of the offered activities: from educational workshops on local botany in collaboration with the experts of MUSE- Museum of Science and of Viote Alpine Botanical Garden, Monte Bondone to the rural gastronomy of the local tradition, from practical demonstrations arranged by groups of craftsmen to concerts... there is fun and entertainment for all ages!


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