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The Network of Nature Reserves is based on a management with different sort of skills organically divided into various institutions. The main aim is to ensure a dynamic and interactive model that engages different actors and the local community to participate into the early decision-making process of the territory's management. The Network does not create new managerial institutions, but aims to find a new way to manage the already existing protected areas of the territory. Therefore the Network is not a new protected area that adds constraints into its territory, but it is an ecological area identified on the basis of its existing ecological networks in the natural ecosystems. 

The body members of the Network of Reserves are: 

All members remain in office for the whole length of the institutional Program Agreement of the Network of Reserves. 

The Lead Institution 
The Lead Institution, responsible party of the Network of Nature Reserves in accordance with the article 47, paragraph 5 of the L.P. 11/07, is Comune di Trento.                                                                                                                               

It is the Autonomous Province of Trento's representative for financial aspects and for the necessary fulfillment for the functioning of the Network, to be taken over by the institutions in charge according to their legal system, and it is responsible for:

  • the administrative management, alongside the organisation and assumption of all necessary measures for the functioning of the Network;
  • financial aspects and accounting management;
  • final accounting of all actions defined in the Programme of Interventions
  • the appointment, mandate or employment of the Coordinator and other staff members


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