Wild nature, just a few steps away from the city

The Network of Bondone Nature Reserves covers more than 1,100 hectares around the mountains of Bondone-Stivo. The area encompasses 7 Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) and includes: Lamar lakes and abyss, Terlago, Vela-Soprasasso ponds, Dos Trento, Ravina ravine, Viote peat bog, Three Peaks of Monte Bondone, Prà dall'Albi-Cei, and four local reserves called Prada, Palù, Scanderlotti Valley and Casotte. The chance to manage such a vast ecologic and natural heritage around the city of Trento and the Adige Valley entails the challenging task of accommodating very diverse interests on these areas. Protecting and promoting a still well preserved heritage are the pivotal points of this challenge. The Network was established when the previous Bondone-Soprasasso Network of Nature Reserves, which only touched the Municipality of Trento, was extended to the neighbouring municipalities.

The main purposes of the Network are:

  1. creating a united and coordinated management of the protected areas of the Network;
  2. protecting and, when possible, improving the conservation of protected areas within the Network, implementing proactive conservation methods according to provincial and national laws as well as European directives on the matter;
  3. carrying out the above mentioned actions respecting both local traditions and existing social and economic activities.

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