Pra' dell'Albi - Cei (Provincial Nature Reserve and SAC)

  • Municipality: Villa Lagarina
  • Hectares: 117
  • Natura 2000 Network Code: IT3120081

The Pra' dell'Albi - Cei biotope is situated at the head of the stream Arione, right tributary of the River Adige. The protected Area is composed of two wide elliptic valleys with the long axis positioned NNE-SSW. The valleys are parallel to each other and to the underlying Vallagarina. The first wider valley is situated more West: it contains two lakes, Lake Cei and the smaller Lake Lagabis. Expanding north to the small valley of Cei towards Cimone and Aleno, it presents two peaty areas, "small valley Cei" and "Pra' del Moro". 



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