Sant'Anna - Lavè - Sant'Anna

An enchanting journey to discover the natural treasures amidst landslides, puddles and clearings
  • Start point: Sant'Anna
  • Arrival point: Sant'Anna

The proposed itinerary starts from Sant'Anna and leads to the territories of Lavè, in a circular tour along which you can explore the natural wonders with all your senses.

This green area is particularly important for its remarkable naturalistic value. It is interesting for its flora: in the woods and clearings it is impossible not to be enchanted by the beautiful flowers' shades in contrast with the grass' bright green and the trees' foliage; and for its fauna: among all it is worth mentioning a nice little animal, the yellow-bellied toad (Bombina variegata), which finds a quiet residence in the pools of Lavè.

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Safety tips

The information on this page is subject to change, so this means that none of the indications are absolute. It is impossible to completely avoid inaccuracies, taking into consideration the rapid environmental and weather changes that may occur. Therefore, we decline any responsibility for any damage caused to the visitor. However, it is strongly suggested to check the path state, the environmental and weather conditions before going on an excursion. 

The Network of Bondone Nature Reserves is not responsible for the management and maintenance of the trails. Therefore, we decline any responsibility for damages that can occur to people, animals or objects. 

  • Prepare your itinerary
  • Choose a trail suitable for your training
  • Choose adequate equipment
  • Consult weather reports
  • Going alone is riskier 
  • Leave information about your itinerary and the time you expect to get back 
  • Do not hesitate to go with an expert 
  • Mind the indications and signages on the path 
  • Do not hesitate to go back the same way you came
  • In case of an accident call the standard emergency number 112

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