Terlago (SAC)

  • Municipality: Vallelaghi
  • Hectares: 109
  • Natura 2000 Network Code: IT3120110


Lake Terlago is a hilly lake with low depth, it is located in the homonym valley and takes its name from three bodies of water interconnected to each other that surrounded the ancient village. Today, after the land reclamation, there are only two of them that are connected through a bridge. 
It is a site of relevant environmental variability and of great floristic and vegetational interest, given the degradation of humid environments in thermophile areas. Remarkable are the rich water vegetation of hydrophilic, the flora of the banks and the presence of dry meadows rich with orchids that surround the body of water. The site is particularly relevant for the making of nests, the stopover and wintering of protected bird species with localised distribution on the Alps. 


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