Coordinator of the Network

The organisation of the Network of Nature Reserves has a Coordinator that partecipates and organises the tasks of all sectors in order to define and direct priorities and actions. 
The management of the Network of Nature Reserves, subject of the Agreement Program, is guaranteed by the Coordinator who can avail of the help of other employees that will complete the frame of competences that are necessary in order to guarantee a good functioning of the Network of Reserves. 
The Coordinator relies on Azienda Forestale Trento-Sopramonte to coordinate the technical activities that have to be realised on the Network's territory. 

The Coordinator is responsible for the functioning of the Network of Nature Reserves and he is in charge of these functions:  

  • to carry out the secretarial functions of the Council, of the technical-scientific Committee and of the Local Public Assembly;
  • to supervise the activities of the Network, even those that are carried out by third parties, and he's responsible of reporting to the President. He also supervises the Council and the technical-scientific Committee, for which he is responsible; 
  • to present to the Council of the Network the annual report on the state of implementation of the Network that has been developed by the technical-scientific Committee; 
  • to activate the necessary specialist support; 
  • to take part into the provincial Coordination of protected Areas. 

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