Dos Trento (SAC)

  • Municipality: Trento
  • Hectares: 15
  • Natura 2000 Network Code: IT3120052
Dos Trento is an oval shaped elevation on the right bank of the Adige, close to the city of Trento. 
The Italian Botanic Society has included it to the "Census of biotypes of vegetational interest worthy of preservation in Italy".
The Nature Reserve Dos Trento presents, alongside socio-cultural interests, interesting floristic and vegetational aspects and it is also an important centre in biogeographical terms. 
In the Nature Reserve there is a woodland with a vegetal association of "Orno-ostrieto" that is really common in Trentino and is accompanied by rare botanic species in their natural state. 
In the southern area of the hill are present some specimens of plants that could prove the existence of ancient warmer climates. These are Cercis siliquastrum, Pistacia terebinthus, Celtis australis, Paliurus spinachristi, Colutea arborescens.
Whereas in the northern area grows the rare Fritillaria tenella, existing here with only 30-40 plants. There is also Plantago montana and Saxifraga aizoon. In some less accessible areas there are also some species of orchids.
In the areas between the upper part of Dos Trento and the rocky walls grow the rare Opuntia vulgaris and other peculiar plants like Sedum alba, Sedum rupestre and Sempervivum tectorum.
Fascinating is the presence of Ephedra distacya, real living fossil of the semiarid climate. 
In faunal terms the area is an excellent shelter for many passerines, also during migrations. 



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