Mowing of Viote peat bog

Actions for the preservation of biodiversity

Located in the municipality of Trento at 1560 m a.s.l., the peat bog is a Provincial Nature Reserve and Special Area of Conservation and it is a good example of flat peat bog of the Alps. This is what it has remained of a big lake formed in the morainic mantel during the glaciation and its progressive drainage has created the current ecosystem. The natural process will turn this humid environment into a meadow. 

In order to slow down the evolution and at the same time to protect the area's biodiversity, it is fundamental to bring forward active actions that will allow the humid ecosystem to work in the best way keeping the diversity of living organisms alive. 

The action of mowing is an active intervention that is part of the Conservation Measures approved by Natura 2000 Network and its aim is to mitigate the invasive nature of some plant species that after some years prevent the competitive ones from surviving . Within the plant species that have to be monitored, extremely important are Molinia and Deschampsia: through the biennial/triennial mowing of the area and the consequent removal of the hay material from the peat pog, it is possible to reduce the competitive nature allowing the less aggressive ones, like alpine bulrush (Trichophorum alpinum), Pinguicola vulgaris (carnivorous plant) and star swertia (Swertia perennis) to survive. The actions are not carried out in the breeding season (Spring-Summer) of most animal species in order not to bother them during this delicate period. 

Furthermore, it is important to highlight that the mowing process not only protects botanical species but also reptiles, insects and other amphibians that live in this area, ideal environment for reproduction. Within these ones we can find the alpine newt  (Ichthyosaura alpestris), the common frog (Rana temporaria) and the Agabus nebulosus. 

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