Terraced landscapes in Garniga Terme

To contrast the progressive depletion of agricultural areas

Biodiversity on the Terrace? 

Planned, organised and coordinated by the Network of Bondone Nature Reserves, in collaboration with the Employment Support and Environmental Promotion service of the Autonomous Province of Trento, this action is a good example of recovery action and good management of some traditional agricultural landscapes of the Trentino region, called terraced landscapes. 

These areas, that back in the past were managed by mowing or grazing, have been slowly abandoned in favour of more comfortable and accessible areas. Their naturalistic value has not diminished and the risk of losing these ecosystems due to growing shrubs and underbrushes is high. 

The intervention provides the recovery of these areas, the arrangement of dry stone walls and the re-sowing of the grass cutting the hay and then collecting it from nearby meadows. In this way we ensure the local biodiversity... just how our grandparents did!

The purpose is to better the conservation state of habitats, animal and plant species of community interest present on the territory of the Network. 

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