Watch out for chestnut trees!

The pruning and maintenance of chestnut trees in Sardagna
In valley and mountain areas, chestnut trees have always played a very important role. In the past chestnut trees were called "bread trees" because the flour made out from their fruits was a good substitute of cereal flour. Other than for their energetic and nutritious fruits, these trees are known for their wood durability and resistance to humidity and above all for the tanneries' employment of their bark (rich of tannins). This is why their conservation is fundamental and particularly interesting, even if nowadays it has taken on a more cultural and historical meaning. 

The Network takes care of chestnut trees' protection and valorisation through specific actions like the clearing of underbrushes and the rejuvenation of tree crowns. These actions enable the protection of landscape, cultural, botanical and faunal elements of chestnut trees. Many of those are old and if they were to be abandoned, they would probably disappear during the years with a consequent cultural historical loss. 

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