White-clawed crayfish

The white-clawed crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes) is an endangered species, included in the main conservation lists and in the annexes of the Habitats Directive and the Berne Convention. In the last ten years the Italian population of this species have decreased by 75%. Among the causes of the downfall there are the introduction of non autochthonous crayfish species and the spread of parasites. 
In 2012 the presence of white-clawed crayfishes in the protected areas of Natura 2000 Network of the Province of Trento was monitored in order to update the information on their distribution and to outline the guidelines for the organisation and conservation of the species. 
Help us protect the white-clawed crayfish following some simple rules: 
  1. Don't capture it or introduce other types of crayfish into the water; 
  2. Change or sterilise your fishing equipment when you go fishing in different bodies of water, in order to prevent the spread of the crayfish plague;
  3. If you see some other species of crayfish please contact Servizio Foreste e Fauna, Ufficio Faunistico

If you want to know more about the preservation of this species please visit this webpage

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