Council of the Network

The Council of the Network is composed of: 

  • the President of the Network
  • the Major of every municipality that has joined the Network of Nature Reserves or a representative council member
  • the President of every valley municipality that has joined the Network of Nature Reserves or a representative council member
  • the President of the Adige BIM consortium that has joined the Network of Nature Reserves or a representative 
  • the council member of the Autonomous Province of Trento, expert in protected areas or a representative 
  • a representative chosen from the Civic Use Administration of Trento
  • a representative chosen from the Civic Use Administration of Villa Lagarina 
  • a representative of Azienda Forestale Trento-Sopramonte
  • the municipal Director responsible for the coordination of the Network

The representative of the Lead Institution carries out the Council President's job. He's also President of the Network. 
The Council chooses a Vice-President who carries out the work given by the President and substitutes the latter when he's not present or when an impediment occurs.

The Council runs for the whole length of the programme agreement and carries out these tasks: 

  • to coordinate the organisation, the personnel and the financial management; 
  • to verify the state of implementation of the management plan; 
  • to decide the directions of the action programme;
  • to approve the composition of the technical-scientific committee of the Network;
  • to adopt a first draft of the management plan that will be submitted to all the signing parties of the program agreement in order to come to a second acceptance of the plan. This plan will be transmitted to the Province from the Lead Institution with the purpose of receiving the definitive approval in accordance with the article 11 of the "Regulations concerning the procedures for the identification of unique preservation areas and unique protected areas;  for the adoption and approval of preservation measures and of provincial protected areas management plans; for the functions and functioning of the protected areas and glaciers' control room and for the dispositions of impact assessment (articles 37, 38, 39, 45, 47 and 51 of the provincial law May 23rd 2007 n.11)";
  •  to approve the annual report about the Network's state of implementation; 
  •  to approve the action programme as a measure to establish the interventions (among those inserted in or in line with the implementation programme) that will be annually realised and to define the participation and communication activities related to them; 
  •  to make decisions about the coordination of the Network's projects, based on the non-binding opinion that the Network's technical-scientific Committee has on the matter; 
  • to nominate or to revoke the Network's Coordinator and to establish his functions and his salary;
  • to decide and establish every other aspect of the Network's governance; 
  • it might suggest unanimous modifications to the financial programme for the remaining time or it may suggest its update for the next validity period.
The Council takes the Local Public Assembly's proposal as favourite reference point.
Regarding the modality of decision assumptions, the Council's decision is taken by the majority of all present participants. In case of parity the vote of the President determines the outcome. The presence of the majority of components is required in order to make the Council's sessions valid. 
The President can decide if one or more members of the technical-scientific Committee of the Network and/or of the Assembly can partecipate with a consultative vote to the Council's session. 
The Council is called at least three times a year by the President. It can also be called when the President thinks it is necessary or when at least three members of the Council request it. 
Secretarial services of the Council are conducted by the Coordinator of the Network.
The decisions taken by the Council will be realised through determinations adopted by the officials of the Lead Institution on the basis of the minutes taken by the Coordinator.  

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