The vast quantity of information about our flora and fauna is increasing every year and the diversity of the data available to researchers and operators is as big as the variety of species analysed. It is necessary to be able to collect and consult these sources in order to ensure targeted effective conservation measures for the species that live on the territory. 

It is with this aim that, within the Action A1 of Life+ TEN Project, the collaboration between Autonomous Province of Trento, MUSE - Museum of Science and Edmund Mach Foundation brought to the creation of a specific database on species and habitats of interest for the Province of Trento, shared between all provincial institutions. The WebGIS data are constantly updated, catalogued and filed. These data not only come from researches and studies carried out by multiple institutions in the Trentino region (museums, parks, provincial services), but a big part was also implemented thanks to Citizen Science's projects and other reporting made by citizens on online platforms like Ornitho and iNaturalist

All these information can be found on the webpage webgis.muse.it, where the graphical interface allows us to see geographic information, points of presence and of selected municipality: an opportunity to develop further awareness on the importance of biodiversity. 

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